Using Guest Authors in Your Newsletter

I’m often asked about using other people’s articles in your own newsletter. Whether you get them directly from the author or from an article directory, you’ll need to include the author’s name and a “bio box,” where the author lists his/her expertise and provides a website for readers to learn more.

Here are three considerations:

  1. Part of a newsletter’s job is to establish YOU as the expert. Do you really want to be promoting the other person’s expertise? If you choose to run articles from others, do so sparingly so that the primary expert for your newsletter is YOU.
  2. Make sure the articles are on topics OTHER than your specific areas of expertise, something complementary to your material and helpful to your readers, but not infringing on your topic area.
  3. Add your own introduction to the article so that you are seen as having invited the author to contribute to your newsletter, retaining your “dominion!”guest