Sales from Your Newsletter…What Can You Expect?

I received this excellent question last week at one of the newsletter Q&As and didn’t get a chance to answer: I’ve been tracking my stats and I see that I make no sales from my weekly newsletter when I feature certain products…should I totally stop promoting those? (I’ve done them about 5-6 times each, not […]

Monetize Your Newsletter

A client of ours covered the cost of her print newsletter and then some with this great strategy: Gather advertising from other local businesses or professionals who work with the same audience as you. A business card size is usually good. Include these in your newsletter either as an insert or integrated into the body […]

Promotions in Newsletters: What Types & How Often?

A question that comes up frequently is how often to include promotional material in your newsletter and what types. While a newsletter is MOSTLY about education and sharing helpful information, it’s a disservice to you — and to your readers — NOT to include some promotional content in every issue. A good ratio is in […]

How to Waste Time and Money with a Newsletter

Sending one newsletter to “see how it works” is a waste of your time and money. Newsletters are like a drip irrigation system, sending nourishing reminders to your market every so often—and that’s why they work. Would you water your flowers only once and expect them to thrive? Or, to use another metaphor, newsletters are […]

Top 5 Ways Newsletters Make You $$$

There are two kinds of marketing strategies: active and passive. Active strategies are things like speaking (and selling) or picking up the phone to call a prospective client. Newsletters and other keep-in-touch strategies fall into the “passive” category. However, they are far from passive in the powerful ways that they can help you increase your […]