Newsletters & Public Speaking: the Perfect Couple

Just about EVERY marketing coach/guru/expert will tell you that public speaking is the gold star of marketing. If you speak regularly in front of groups, you get the gold star. You win. You go to the head of the class.

Yes, AND.

Ya gotta have a newsletter when you speak! If you don’t, you are seriously missing out!

See, speaking and newsletters LOVE each other. They bring out the best in one another. They never get tired of each other. And they always want to go the same places!

Why keep them apart?! It’s downright unfair.

To you, that is.

When you let them work their magic with each other, you’ll be the beneficiary.

Here’s how you do that:

Use newsletters to land speaking gigs. Newsletters showcase you and your expertise. That’s why readers of your newsletter are likely to think of you if they’ve been receiving it consistently. They’re even more likely to do so if you’ve highlighted in your newsletter your availability and interest in speaking.

Include an article about your speaking topic in your newsletter. This can help generate interest in your topic and attendance to your event. And, of course, include an announcement of the event in your newsletter. If you’re using a print newsletter, insert a flyer for the event.

Pass out your newsletter at your event. Print newsletters are definitely best here. Audience members get an immediate whiff of you, and a great first impression when you hand them out in advance or at the beginning of your talk.

Some people make copies of their ezines to use the same way. This is second best. An ezine is not laid out for proper printing, and a stapled newsletter looks unprofessional. If you primarily use an ezine for your marketing, consider having an undated print newsletter to take with you to in-person events.

Others with ezines simply talk briefly about their newsletter during their speech, with an invitation to visit a website to sign up to receive it. Doing this is tantamount to doing nothing. If you have nothing to show at the event, you’ll need to be more proactive. Which leads to the last action to be sure to take.

Invite people to your subscriber list. One of our clients, when speaking to smallish groups, noticed an increase in people signing up for her keep-in-touch list when she passed out her print newsletter first and behind it a sign-up sheet. If your newsletter is electronic, first be sure to describe the benefits readers get from your ezine, since they cannot see it. Remember, it’s all about THEM. In both cases—whether you have a print newsletter or an ezine—consider a (free) raffle to get business cards. Let people know up front that when they enter their card, they will also receive a complimentary copy of your ezine. Have them mark the back of their card with an X if they do not wish to receive it.

The bottom line: Combine the power of newsletters and speaking for a match made in business heaven!