Newsletter + Powerful Question = More Clients

new clientsOn a call I hosted last year, Sharla Jacobs gave some powerful questions that most heart-based professionals NEVER ask when they meet people…questions that could lead to many new clients.

The questions are asked after engaging in an authentically curious conversation that typically draws out an area of challenge for the person. A few of the questions are:

    1. If I could help you with that, is it something you’d like to know more about?
    2. Can we follow up on [date]?
    3. Would you like to get started?

When you ask those questions AND hand them either a print newsletter or an “article brochure,” the results can be impressive!

Handing someone a professional-looking newsletter with great content gives you instant credibility and distinguishes you from others in your field. It makes you memorable. A business card means nothing, really, and will usually just go in the trash. A newsletter is MUCH easier to find and may even get passed on to other people.