Naming Your Newsletter

People often ask me whether to name their newsletter after their business. In general, I’d advise against it. In fact, the only one I’ve come across that I like is a client of ours that provides executive search services. The company’s name: Executive Connections. The name of their ezine: Executive Connections. It just works well to describe the function of the ezine.

Try using part of your business name. For example, Catherine Rumble, one of my Ezine Success Academy students, named her newsletter Core Success Monthly (business name: Core Excellence). Dolly Garlo, another Academy student, named her newsletter The Legacy Journal (business name: Creating Legacy).

Or think of the benefits a reader gets from your business and/or your newsletter. For example, my intention is for people who read my newsletter AND/OR use any of my newsletter solutions to gain marketing momentum in their practice/business. That’s why I named the newsletter Momentum.

Lastly, take a look at Sam Horn’s book, POP: Stand Out In Any Crowd, for some great ideas about naming things.