Monetize Your Newsletter

Profitable ideaA client of ours covered the cost of her print newsletter and then some with this great strategy:

Gather advertising from other local businesses or professionals who work with the same audience as you. A business card size is usually good. Include these in your newsletter either as an insert or integrated into the body of the newsletter (an insert is easiest).

This not only pays for your newsletter, it also builds community and cooperation among the community of professionals that serve your audience while positioning you as a leader in that community. Equally important, it exposes to your audience to resources they may need, and again positions you as a leader for bringing those resources to them.

This can also be done with email newsletters. In both cases, you’ll want to be sure that your newsletter distribution is large enough that people are willing to pay to advertise. Our client printed 1,500 copies and distributed them all around her town. With email newsletters, you’ll want to have a sizeable, targeted and fairly responsive list.