Client Raves

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what clients have to say about 6-Figure Newsletters:

“After completing Linda’s live 6-Figure Newsletter Secrets Virtual Intensive, I was so happy to hear about her Newsletter Action Group (NAG). Linda’s way of “nagging” is so inspirational. This weekly reminder is a real incentive to get my newsletters out twice a month to my list. Not only that! Once a month I get to ask live questions about my personal newsletter content. Linda’s live training and my membership in NAG have helped propel me into a 6-figure business. Thanks, Linda!”

— Karen Vago (France)

“I love getting your newsletter. I believe you are the only ‘newsletter guru’ I need to follow. Keep it coming! Thanks for encouraging me on my newsletter path.”

— Carrie Hoffman, Embrace Life Coaching

“One reason I had no hesitation in buying a service from you was the kind of person I thought you would be if I engaged with you. And you are. Because you have a business you market over the internet, that doesn’t mean you can’t provide personal touch with your customers. YES, take care of standard hand-holding with systems. However, it REALLY MATTERS to get specific support from the person I choose to buy from. I think the distance that is put up with others who market on the internet really do a disservice by not having personal service.

So thank you for your approach in working with customers and providing them what they need to use what you offer. I appreciate that, and I also appreciate the speediness in which you responded.

BTW, I’m the one who has been posting in the facebook group and who was in the “hotseat” during the coaching call. The structure you’re providing is just perfect.”

— Deborah Galuk, HUMAN Rx

“Linda, I am SO glad to receive your emails. They are a bright spark in my day.

I just want you to know that as I skinny up and unsubscribe from a number of people who I’ve been receiving, I keep you linked.

Thank you and keep enjoying the Italian country and all the bounty it has to offer.

I helped my husband start a business 30 years ago and while I promised him three years of my life, I am still critical in the business…. there are many blessings none the less and you have helped me reconnect with old clients through what I hope are engaging Newsletters. THANK YOU.”

— Gillian Schultz

“I just had to write to say I love your newsletter! I look forward to opening it as there is always something I print off for the future.

I purchased 10 Ready2Go Articles last year and that was enough of an impetus to get me into publishing a monthly newsletter. I’ve published for 6 consecutive months now and I actually like it!

Thank you for sharing your expertise and I can’t wait to view the new articles you have added to an already great collection.”

— Bonnie Roill

“Thanks so much for your newsletter. A timely reminder to realize I am not the only one who gets scared when I put myself out there. Ah! This week I have been burdening myself with ‘what if it’s not good enough’ and readers don’t like it….I am about to use a new format to send out electronic info for one of my clients. Just want you to know your newsletters give me that push to keep doing and trying new things.

— Valerie Clancy, Write On Freelance Writing Services

“I really enjoyed hosting you on the call yesterday. You gave one of the best presentations I’ve ever hosted and I have actually started putting your tips into place for my own subject lines!”

— Nancy Marmolejo

“Marketing and getting my newsletter out has always been stressful. When I sit down to do it, I really like it, but finding the time and anticipating it always stressed me out. I find that the ‘My Ezine Planner’ is really helpful in putting my mind at ease to what I will be putting in my newsletter this year and help me to keep it on my schedule.

I also liked learning beyond just writing the newsletter and getting it out. The fact that you showed us how to use newsletter as part of our marketing strategy and the bigger picture was extremely helpful. “

I found myself actually feeling like I could do it and getting excited for planning and creating my newsletter. I love the materials and tools you provided. I know I will be continually using them and referencing them.

— Michelle Kelso, 2011 6-Figure Newsletter Secrets student

“I’d like to first take this opportunity to thank you for this awesome experience. The learning thus far has been amazing. I have come to realize what I’ve always been told is totally not true… what you don’t know CAN in fact hurt you. I’m also very appreciative of such a range of topics in your articles. I’ll be launching my new business during the holidays this year (wooohoooo!) and I’m beyond grateful for the articles and other resources made available through your program. I honestly can’t thank you enough for answering the call!”

— Chakie B. Starling

“If I hadn’t signed up for your course I would still be telling clients that they needed to do a newsletter and the importance of the list etc., and not walking my talk… Your course transformed my knowledge of how to go about it and for that I really thank you so much. I know that this one single action will transform my business as it is the tool for communication and getting to know my peeps and building a tribe of my own. You are a complete star, Linda.”

— Susie Briscoe, Founder, Acer Coaching Associates

“You’ll be happy to know that I implemented another tip in my newsletter yesterday. I offered a special this weekend on a product I have had out for quite some time, but hasn’t sold too well.

The response has been fabulous! As of 9 pm this evening, I have officially made all of my investment back from this training! And we’ve only just finished the first week!

Thank you so much. I wasn’t planning on doing anymore trainings right now, but when I heard Linda speak and saw what she was offering, I knew I had to get in.

I am SO very glad I did. Can’t wait to see what’s next!”

— Amethyst Mahoney

“Thanks for everything . . . want you to know that of all the experts and master teachers who help coaches through webinars, teleconferences, etc.,–you offer the most specific and helpful content along with an authentically warm and engaging personality. So enjoying learning from you”

— Dana Carpenter, Goal Achievement Coach

“I write all my own content and am extremely particular so the idea of using someone else’s content didn’t sound like it would work for me. That was before I perused your fabulous library. All I can say is WOW! I can’t believe how great your content is and how many articles fit my needs! The thing I like most is that this is such a win-win-win. You win because you just gained a new customer ~ I win because this is a tremendous investment in freeing up my time to focus on more important things ~ and my customers win because they still get to receive wonderful content from me. Thank you!”

— Lily Jensen, Abundance Expert/Master Life Coach, Woodbridge, VA

“Thank you, folks, for your fine coach-language writing. While I DO love putting together my e-zines, I’m not fond of coming up with the articles. You are my silence (and necessary!) partners in ‘crime’. Thanks again!! “

— Amena McShea

“I’ve started using your articles. They are fabulous. Incredibly well written. And their perspective is really well aligned with my own. It’s a snap to put them in my format, tweak just a bit with my own language (because yours is so close to mine to begin with) and Ta Dah! Blogging twice a week after many months of silence due to the natural overwhelm of building a new coaching practice, writing a book and developing my own methodology.”

— Deborah Jane Wells

“I purchased your Ready2Go Articles several months ago and have LOVED not having the pressure of having to get an article written for each of my newsletters. I sometimes tweak them a little and add my own thoughts here and there, but having those has truly saved me hours of trying to come up with an inspirational article. I love writing, I just don’t always have the time, or the right ideas at the right time. So thank you!

Also, I really loved your video series last year in Italy. That was fun to feel a part of!

That’s all…I just wanted you to know I really appreciate how you have helped me to be able to run my business more effectively!”

— Carolyn Cooper

“I am overwhelmed by all the positive comments I am receiving about my first Ready2Go Ezine from you. I have heard from 27 individuals just today using words such as ‘WOW!’, ‘awesome’, ‘I love it’, ‘great format and content’. I owe my success to you! Thank you for your support, patience and flexibility.”

— Leslie Shields