Overcoming Newsletter Procrastination

If I had a buck for every newsletter that was ever intended…and then put off, sometimes indefinitely…I’d be a super wealthy woman! The problem is that every week that goes by without your newsletter “touching” those in your market is an opportunity lost. An opportunity to demonstrate your caring expertise, to build credibility and trust, […]

5 Great Practices for Newsletter Sign-Up Boxes

It’s usually such a tiny part of a website: the newsletter sign-up box. But there may be no piece of virtual real estate more valuable! For this is where visitors to your site can raise their hand to say: I’m curious. I’m interested. Tell me more. Keep in touch. (And this is why it’s so […]

Newsletters & Public Speaking: the Perfect Couple

Just about EVERY marketing coach/guru/expert will tell you that public speaking is the gold star of marketing. If you speak regularly in front of groups, you get the gold star. You win. You go to the head of the class. Yes, AND. Ya gotta have a newsletter when you speak! If you don’t, you are […]

Top 5 Ways Newsletters Make You $$$

There are two kinds of marketing strategies: active and passive. Active strategies are things like speaking (and selling) or picking up the phone to call a prospective client. Newsletters and other keep-in-touch strategies fall into the “passive” category. However, they are far from passive in the powerful ways that they can help you increase your […]