Overcoming Newsletter Procrastination

If I had a buck for every newsletter that was ever intended…and then put off, sometimes indefinitely…I’d be a super wealthy woman! The problem is that every week that goes by without your newsletter “touching” those in your market is an opportunity lost. An opportunity to demonstrate your caring expertise, to build credibility and trust, […]

Newsletter + Powerful Question = More Clients

On a call I hosted last year, Sharla Jacobs gave some powerful questions that most heart-based professionals NEVER ask when they meet people…questions that could lead to many new clients. The questions are asked after engaging in an authentically curious conversation that typically draws out an area of challenge for the person. A few of […]

Monetize Your Newsletter

A client of ours covered the cost of her print newsletter and then some with this great strategy: Gather advertising from other local businesses or professionals who work with the same audience as you. A business card size is usually good. Include these in your newsletter either as an insert or integrated into the body […]

Print Newsletters Can Make Powerful Introductions

Mail your newsletter with a letter of introduction to potential referral sources (other professionals with offices and clients, such as massage therapists, lawyers, ministers, dentists, etc.). The newsletter will leave a powerful impression with these contacts—a MUCH better impression than a letter of introduction alone—and help to activate their willingness to refer to you.

Syncing Up Articles and Promotions

Coordinate your articles with upcoming workshops or teleseminars you’ll be giving, using the newsletter to generate interest in the event. In fact, if you are preparing to launch a program or a product, do a series of articles related to the topic of your program in three to four newsletters leading up to the event. […]

3 Ways Newsletters Give You “Marketing Mojo”

I do a lot of training on newsletters for other people’s lists, and one of the questions I get asked all the time is: Why are newsletters important to coaches (and others) who are trying to build their business? What I say and believe is that there’s no other tool with as much “marketing mojo” […]

5 Great Practices for Newsletter Sign-Up Boxes

It’s usually such a tiny part of a website: the newsletter sign-up box. But there may be no piece of virtual real estate more valuable! For this is where visitors to your site can raise their hand to say: I’m curious. I’m interested. Tell me more. Keep in touch. (And this is why it’s so […]

Naming Your Newsletter

People often ask me whether to name their newsletter after their business. In general, I’d advise against it. In fact, the only one I’ve come across that I like is a client of ours that provides executive search services. The company’s name: Executive Connections. The name of their ezine: Executive Connections. It just works well […]