Beware the Fancy Font

Fancy-schmancyWhether you’re publishing a print newsletter or an ezine (electronic newsletter), don’t fall for the lure of pretty or fancy fonts. Here’s why:

Print Newsletters

Print newsletter headlines should all be from the same font family, and very readable, so a fancy font is rarely appropriate for headlines. In fact, fancy fonts should always be used VERY sparingly. Their purpose is to accent.

Most times, a fancy font is best used in branding a particular department. For example, “Carrie’s Q&A” might have a fancy font, but the headline, or opening question, “How NOT to Damage Your Reputation,” would be in the regular headline font.

Ezines (Electronic Newsletters)

The same suggestions as above also apply to ezines. In addition, if a fancy font is used at all in your ezine, it should be as a graphic image. If you use a fancy font in any other way, it’s not likely to show up the way you intend on anyone else’s computer. A simpler font will be substituted, which can throw off margins and tables and make your ezine look awful!