Too Early to Begin a Newsletter?

Don’t wait until you’re fully trained, certified, licensed or credentialed to publish a newsletter. Begin sending one when you’re an intern or in training. It’s never too early to begin building relationships! That way, when you become fully licensed or credentialed, you’ll already have an established marketing tool — and an established audience that can […]

Newsletter and Meetings

Here’s a great newsletter tip: Take a print newsletter to meetings of all kinds: business networking meetings, your dance class, your breakfast brainstorming meeting, your drumming group, your monthly poker night, your church committee meeting, professional association chapter meetings, etc. If you can, pass them out to those in attendance; otherwise, announce that they are […]

Don’t Have a Newsletter!

For years I’ve been telling coaches, therapists and other service-based professionals why it’s in their interest to have a newsletter. Like a broken record, I say over and over that it’s the most essential marketing tool that any private practice can have. But no more. I will no longer encourage you to have a newsletter. […]

Foolproof Proofreading

One of the distinguishing factors between a professional newsletter that promotes your expertise and one that makes you look more amateurish is proofreading. But proofreading your own work can be harder than you think. Here are some tips that will help you catch more errors. Don’t let deadlines make you skip the proofreading step. Run […]

Sales from Your Newsletter…What Can You Expect?

I received this excellent question last week at one of the newsletter Q&As and didn’t get a chance to answer: I’ve been tracking my stats and I see that I make no sales from my weekly newsletter when I feature certain products…should I totally stop promoting those? (I’ve done them about 5-6 times each, not […]